CLIENT:  Deliver total solutions services that surpass customer expectations in value and every aspect of customer satisfaction. Flawless deliveries of services are every employees attitude. Proactively reinventing to meet the highest quality of operational standards. PARTNERS: Corporate responsibility best practice is firmly embedded in our company’s values and throughout our policies. PEOPLE: Cultivates our employees growth and development, nurture them in an environment where excellence, integrity, teamwork, professionalism and performance are valued above all else. PORTFOLIO: Striving always to be the best of what we are today….tomorrow….


Since 1992, WACOL has provided an array of services throughout the Middle East, supporting the public and private sectors by leveraging technologies, teamwork and our most valuable asset, people
Honesty, Integrity, Trust. At WACOL, we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest level of professional ethics and standards. We have proven to be upstanding stewards of government furnished equipment (GFE) and clients’ interests. We are familiar with the US’s Federal Acquisition Regulation, and DFAR. There is already too much dishonesty and injustice in the region and we take pride in our reputation for honesty, accountability and dedication to mutual success.
Who We Are
WACOL supplies high value consultancy, engineering and project management services to Iraq’s constructions, designing, delivering, and maintaining complex assets for our customers. Throughout our rapid growth, our core values have remained constant-honesty in decision-making, personal responsibility and accountability, and leadership by example. These principles are at the heart of our ability to create and respond to market opportunities and have fueled our dramatic expansion.
What We Do
WACOL provides premier engineering, design, construction, and maintenance services to government and private-sector clients in a wide array of industries, including the energy, environmental, infrastructure, and emergency response markets. Uniquely positioned in the energy market, WACOL is a vertically-integrated provider of comprehensive engineering, consulting, procurement, construction, and maintenance services to the power and process industries. Our innovative technologies, combined with best-in-class products and services and long-standing industry expertise, ensure powerful solutions for our clients around the globe.
WACOL operates all over Iraq and Kurdistan region.
WACOL’s history can be traced over 24 years in Iraq, when original parent company WAFA ALASDIKAA was founded. In 1993, WACOL began as a small two-person design firm providing services in the private sector. In order to expand its operations into other regions in Iraq, WACOL doubled its full time professional designers to four back in 1994. Operations expanded to include construction management and hired 14 full time employees in 1996. WACOL is dedicated to work with passion and awarded the first government contract in 1999. WACOL’s operation was temporarily impeded in 2001 as a result of the economic crisis that struck the Gulf Region. WACOL was commissioned by the Iraqi Government to provide engineering and design services to support the education sectors particularly the College of Tikrit and National Museum. This time then, WACOL diversified into concrete batch production and commissioned batch plant in Kurdistan and Asphalt plant in Al-Anbar in 2002 which gained familiarity in Iraq-wide areas. In the year 2003, Operations increased and services were added. Among these, construction management, operations and maintenance, personal services, payroll and project controls were conceptualized. 2005 was a memorable year as WACOL was already known for its steadfast commitment in delivering excellent services in Iraq. WACOL was unrivaled in customer service. It began providing services to the US Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment Services through VIAP-Iraq (Versar International Assistance Projects). Company became bigger as full time engineers, administrators, managers and other work force reached more than 65 head counts. WACOL upholded the highest business ethics and made the Versar-US Army Corps of Engineers awarded its first contract with them in 2006. Workforce reached 235 full time employees at this time. Although much of WACOL’s early history was rooted in a firm’s sector, it has been moving away for international project management and engineering service business. By the end of 2006, WACOL became a diversified organization, Operations increased as well as the company expanded internationally including services expansion like materials testing, diverse human resource service, program management support, project management, training curriculum advancement and diversification. WACOL reached its fame as the first engineering company in Iraq which all its Engineers were certified by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) certified engineers in 2007. Today, WACOL’s vision is to be the number one in Iraq… to be the leading total solutions provider of high value consultancy, engineering and project management services. The business has more than 500 employees, with three offices in Iraq serving private and public sectors.