Engineering Assessment and GAP Analysis

Engineering Assessment, Gap Analysis & CAPs


WACOL has conducted hundreds of physical assessments, As-Built drawings, Gap analysis, and ROM and SOW development, and provided recommendations and implementation assistance for upgrading public and commercial facility all over the country. Moreover, our experienced engineers have a rack-record of implementing successful assessment tasks in support of critical Master Plan projects funded by Iraqi and the U.S. Government and Non-Profit Organizations.

Baseline Standards, Checklists and Project Plans Development

Assessing any existing facility or infrastructure requires standardized performance reference to insure a proper evaluation and perform a successful Gap Analysis. However, the availability or recency of these standards have always been a challenge for most of our Clients.service_2_2

Therefore, prior to conduct any physical site assessment, WACOL Engineers are always committed to assist our clients in:

  • Developing a “Baseline Industry Standards” drawn from “Best Practices” of multiple international standards with considerations to localization and adaptability.
  • Validating the standards by comparing these them to conditions for similar facilities and environment in other regions or countries.
  • Establishing these new standards as the “Baseline” by which to measure the existing (if any) or outdated standards to identify the gaps and overlaps to recommend applicable modifications.
  • Developing general and site-specific checklist templates and 2D sketches (Data Collection Templates) and guidance for physical on-site assessment. This templates and guidelines ensure the integrity of the collected data for Gap Analysis.service_2_3
  • Developing detailed work breakdown schedules and deliverables milestones in MS Project™ for the management, execution, and ease of use the accessibility by multiple project staff.
  • Supporting the Mission Planning by utilizing FalconView™ to display the site’s various types of digital geospatial data and overlays that added value to that data. The produced maps help our Client to depict the facility site and its environmental situations, and improve overall situational awareness.
Deficiencies Determination and Field Data Collection


WACOL Site Assessment Teams (SAT) of highly trained Engineers and Technicians use standardized and/or customized templates to identify the facility deficiencies and collect the required data. The SAT not only assesses the facility conditions, but also reviews the available materials such as the background studies of the infrastructure already undertaken by other related parties along with obtaining the site and facility drawings if any.

The SAT services include but not limited to:

  • Coordinate all initial planning and proposed site visits with associated stakeholders in advance of the team’s arrival for the actual assessment. Close coordination is required not just to ensure there is unhindereservice_2_5d access to the entire site, but also to secure the availability of the key site management personnel.
  • Collect Engineering Data on pre-formatted templates supported with specific dimensions and descriptions of the facilities, preliminary sketches for As-Built drawings, end-users’ inputs, photos, GPS references, and geophysical data. Data and Information to be uploaded to the project portal within 48 hours.
  • All our SATs are furnished with engineering tools, cameras, GPS devises, and vehicles to conduct the assessment properly.
  • Our SATs are supported by our reach-back office while they are on-site. All facility collected data are quality controlled and verified prior to SAT’s departing the site/facility. Premature redeployment from a site will prove costly as our Client’s schedule and budget may not allow for such revisits.
Gap Analysis, Recommendations, and Implementation Assistance


WACOL Specialists utilizes the data collected by Site Assessment Teams to determining and measuring the differences between the actual facility conditions and the Baseline Standards. This measurement process or Gap Analysis will form the foundation for making recommendations for site upgrades or enhancements to close the gap. Our Specialists use individual Gap Analysis templates governed by a set of Gap Analysis Instructions that will be developed for our Client’s project.
Based on the results of the Gap Analysis, WACOL Specialists will develop and prepare recommendations for site upgrades and enhancements that are appropriate to the unique environment in each region. The recommendations will naturally vary from facility to another. Recommendations will be reviewed by our Subject Matter Experts carefully prior to the final report to ensure the proposed and recommended Corrective Action Plans are suitable, appropriate, cost‐effective and maintainable within the context of each region. Our detailed repair plans and recommendations include:

  • Facility Description, Deficiencies, and Compliance.
  • Corrective action plans.
  • Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) costs.
  • Accurate site layout (2D and 3D) and site plan.
  • Scope of Work (SOW) writing for bid packages.

As a natural follow‐on activity to conducting the assessments, analysis and development of recommended solutions, WACOL Engineers provide general and specific assistance and advice to our Clients in the actual implementation of the selected Projects. This assistance will most likely range from general assistance with further defining the scope of upgrade and enhancement projects to specialized and detailed engineering assistance which may involve preparation of technical specifications, pricing and tender documents.