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Our Main Services

Construction Management


WACOL engineers work side by side with our client representatives and engineers in upgrading facilities, managing construction projects, and providing top-notch ……

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Engineering Assessment and Gap Analysis

WACOL has conducted hundreds of physical assessments, As-Built drawings, Gap analysis, and ROM and SOW development, and provided ……

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HR and Personal Services, A-to-Z

WACOL offers a full range of Personal Services/HR Program Management helping our Clients design and implement the process that best meets the needs of ……

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WACOL (Wafa Alasdikaa Co., Ltd.) is a customer focused, innovative and value driven Engineering Project Support Company that provides total solutions for Construction Management, Engineering Assessment, HR and Payroll Services. WACOL was formed in 1992 with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Today, those same ideals make WACOL an exciting, fast-paced and growing organization with a wide variety of Engineering Expertise and Globally Recognized Clients. It is WACOL’s pride to treat Clients as if each were its sole purpose to exist, to further enhance in building the environment as a measure of quality way of life. WACOL organizational culture upholds the highest business ethics, positively benefiting society.
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Happy Clients Speak Out

Through economic development construction and reconstruction programs ……. your company has proven to be true patriots and leaders in bringing peace and stability to this region ……… On behalf of the Civil Military Operations Directorate, Multi National Forces, I wish to sincerely thank you for your contribution
Hank. S. Domeracki, CaptChief of Operation, US Embassy, Baghdad, Iraq
I wanted to take just a minute to let you know how proud I am of WACOL …… We have been able to count on WACOL for the toughest assignments and in my book, loyalty and commitment are two of the most treasured attributes …… Its staff have always delivered despite the impossible tasks I sometimes ask from them
William JohnsonFounder and CEO, IDH, LLC and RCM, LLC
WACOL leadership and its team of engineers provided by the contract successfully provided top-notch engineering, construction inspection and surveying expertise for COB Speicher … Those outstanding services have enabled the military engineer team to transfer all COB Speicher technical support to the contracted effort
Jennifer L. Kilbourn, LtCol, USAFCommander, Facility Engineer, COB Adder, Nasiriyya
The Architectural and Engineering Support your company provided resulted in the Successful Planning, Programming, Designing, and Construction Management of Facilities and Infrastructure for Ali Air Base …… Your Company’s Accomplishments reflect Great Credit upon the Civil Engineering Community
Larry R. Harris, LtCol, USAFCommander, COB Adder, Nasiriyya
I would like to thank you for your company's participation in this Iraqi-American engineering partnership. The engineering staff you assigned …… are a vital 'force-multiplier' for our future operations…. They quickly earned our trust by demonstrating excellent technical skills, engineering judgment, and their sense of 'due diligence
Brian N. White, Major, USAFDeputy Commander, COB Basrah, Basrah
Just want to say that I have worked with hundreds of Iraqi firms on Billions of Dollars of construction and you are by far the best! What a wonderful experience it has been and what a professional job you have done. I look forward to doing this again with WACOL!!!!
Wes LaneVP Middle East, ResoluteCM LLC
We were in contact with five other companies to evaluate the best firm to conduct this Iraq-Facility Engineer Team services but WACOL was on the top of our list as it was the only company understood exactly our technical requirements
Mohammed Z. Rahman, MAJ, US ArmyDeputy Commander, 602ND, FED
Your role in conducting the initial site reconnaissance to gain preliminary facility data was integral to the overall project success of the project. Following the physical assessment, the post-process 2D and 3D drawing product were provided with the continued accuracy and quality we have ever enjoyed since 2006
Davy DanielsSVP, ResoluteCM LLC MoE Facilities, Iraq
Courageous service to the United States …… They are a good company instrumental in the execution of the United States' mission and future betterment of Iraq
David J. Anason, LtCol, USAFCommander, 732 ECES/FET 15 COB Q-West, Mosul
I had the privilege of working with the professionals from WACOL … and was truly impressed by the company and its employees ……The Employees at Q-West provided the highest quality work and the company’s management was outstanding. I would gladly work with them again
Mark A. Zimmerhanzel, LtCol, USAFCommander, FET 15 COB Q-West, Mosul
WACOL's services were performed above expectation as they completed ahead of schedule…… VIAP continues to use WACOL for Engineering and Personnel Service contracts due to their exceptional professionalism, engineering expertise and business performance
Josh W. Calhoun Deputy Manager, VIAP
WACOL executed all requested tasks with professionalism and technical accuracy. WACOL engineers travelled to many remote locations under hardship conditions with no noticeable degradation in performance …… WACOL has been a strong asset to VIAP’s quality assurance program
Ron HunterDirector of QA and Standards, VIAP

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